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We are continuing to build out our lab space and our new refrigerator/freezer was delivered on Monday. This is HUGE because we need space to store some of our ingredients and we also use the fridge/freeze while we are making some of our products.

That same day we also received some grant money from the Made In Baltimore program.

Also, the same day, I met with my mentor at Facebook and he gifted us a sizeable ad credit. So you may see us doing some promotions in your timeline


What a Monday!

The cup runneth over!

Then this happened

Later on in the week, we received a request for our products to appear on the set of a major cable television network for the taping of a new series. **insert praise dance here**

We finished out the week strong with a press mention in the Afro newspaper. Thanks to Daryl Moore for the coverage. You can read about Made In Baltimore: Accelerator program gives Black-owned startups a boost here.


So to say that last week was overwhelmingly good would be an understatement. My heart is full of gratitude for all the good things coming our way.


Before I wrap up, we are building a community over on Facebook since that’s where a lot of us hang out. This will be a safe space to ask questions, get product recommendations and highlight some of the awesome people in the Maurita’s Essentials family.

Last but not least, I need to conduct 2 more interviews for my homework assignment. If you’d like to help, please click the button below to schedule your interview. I just need 20-30 mins of your time on Zoom (you can be off camera) to do some market research. This is open to you whether you’ve bought from us yet or still thinking about trying our products. You’ll receive a $20 store credit towards your next purchase.

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