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making liquid soap from scratch

It’s been about a year since I’ve made a batch of bar soap and even longer since I’ve tried making liquid soap from scratch. Over the years, I’ve tried a few different recipes while trying to perfect my signature liquid soap recipe. Finding one that’s comparable to commercial body wash hasn’t been easy. Actually, I’m still working on it. But, I’m getting towards the end of my bar soap stash, so I needed to play around and at least get something for me to use.

I’ve grown accustomed to only using handmade soap. I’ve been soaping since 2007 and I’ve been real bougie about my soap and body wash every since. I just might be a soap snob! 😂

Since I’m running low, I had to pull out the ingredients I had on hand to test a new recipe. To be totally honest, I actually prefer using liquid over bar soap. The main thing about bar soap is it takes a minimum of 1, but preferably 2 weeks before it’s ready to use. Couple that with the way my patience is set up and nah. I need something I can use either same or next day.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I found a recipe. Got the crock pot out and started heating it up. Ran the recipe through a soap calculator. Gathered up my little supplies. Weighed everything out. Heated up my oils. Mixed the hot oils with the lye water solution and started stick blending. I thought I was doing something.

Bayyy-bay, the soap started the chemical reaction and got to erupting up out of the crockpot. I had on some thin nitrile gloves, but I grabbed the crockpot insert and headed to the kitchen sink because I didn’t want raw soap all over my countertop. I burnt the fool outta my hand. That’s the 1st time that has happened in all my years of soaping.

You can see my epic failure in the 1st few seconds of this video.

So I went on and nursed my little hand for a bit. Then I switched gears to play with candles. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding candles to our product line. Customers have asked me about them. That actually went pretty well. By well I mean they look decent and smell good.

A few days later when I did a test burn for 2 hours, I realize the wick was too small 😢. I’ll have to try again with a larger wick. You can see how the candle wax melted in a tunnel down the center and didn’t melt out to the edges. If I allow to continue to burn, it will eventually extinguish itself because the wick will be too short and surrounded by melted wax.

After I was done playing around with candles, I couldn’t be defeated by the liquid soap. I dusted myself off and tried again. Different recipe, but it went amazingly well. So well in fact, I’m considering adding it to our product line. It lathers really well. ❤️

Thanks for joining us for the adventure and shenanigans. Do you prefer bar or liquid soap? Let’s here it in the comments.

Should we add candles and liquid soap to our product line? Vote now. Poll closing soon.


  • February 20, 2021

    Linda Gluck

    Let me know when you have some soaps available, I’d love some! πŸ™‚ Linda


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